About us

‘Poundbury Business Friends’ was set up over 6 years ago as an informal group of Poundbury business owners and workers, collaborating together to increase awareness of their own and each other’s businesses.

Our objective is to bring Poundbury businesses together to promote and showcase the brilliant work our members do. Poundbury Business Friends have annually produced the ‘Discover Poundbury’ map leaflet since 2010 – over 20,000 are updated and printed every autumn. We distribute them from most Poundbury businesses and in many of Dorset’s Tourist Information Centres. We have also created a website www.discoverpoundbury.co.uk that contains a directory of all the businesses in Poundbury. We are in the process of developing a new site that will be do so much more!

Poundbury is now home to over 180 businesses; almost all of them are independently-owned small businesses, and many of them are quirky ‘niche-market’ establishments, not found anywhere outside the Poundbury estate. With a myriad of high-quality shops and cafes, Poundbury is now the ideal location for a relaxing day out, with friends or just for a bit of solo recuperation.

Alongside the shops, a full range of highly professional offices and services complete the estate’s economic offerings. We are also proud that almost 60% of Poundbury’s independent businesses are currently founded by female entrepreneurs.

It is important to remember that Poundbury is unique in that it has no parking restrictions, making it extremely easy to visit the many squares and shops.

Please visit our partner website, www.discoverpoundbury.co.uk, where you will find the map and a full Poundbury business directory, plus much, much more!

Contact us

If you feel that your business would benefit from being a member of Poundbury Business Friends, get in touch or for regular updates about all events and news from Poundbury’s businesses, please follow us on social media: